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About Us

Our Ministry:

Evangelism Beyond All Boundaries is an independent, inter-denominational 501C Christian ministry dedicated to reaching out to the lost, discipling new believers, as well as training, equipping, and encouraging others to do evangelism.

Our Vision:


An unashamed, uncompromised, unapologetic witness for Jesus as the one and only way of salvation for all mankind.

Holy Spirit

An unrelenting reliance on the Holy Spirit for knowledge, guidance, courage, commitment, comfort, wisdom and power.


A constant investment in prayer, and the enlistment of prayer warriors, to keep the lost ever before the Lord.


A disciplined study to identify, memorize and share the most powerful and applicable Bible verses and apologetics.


An unending commitment to remain highly active in encouraging, equipping, and training others to do evangelism.

Beyond All Boundaries

A focus not limited to one church, place or people group, but across all churches, places, and people groups.

Our Focus:


We are constantly active in Evangelizing the lost through a wide variety of avenues to include personal, street, fair, festival, internet, mailings, and more.


We provide initial discipleship materials for all new believers, follow on discipleship through this web site, and long term discipleship through other ministries.


We provide hands on training for all those interested in doing evangelism. We also provide several apologetics class for use with witnessing to special people groups such as Atheists, Muslims, etc.

Our Outreach Methods:

Relational Evangelism

One to one witnessing to loved ones, friends and close associates using Friendship Evangelism techniques.

Confrontational Evangelism

One to one, or one to small group witnessing to strangers using Street or Fair and Friendship Evangelism.

Proclamational Evangelism

One to many witnessing to strangers using Evangelistic Preaching.

Our Discipleship Classes:

Discipleship Basic

Sixteen basic courses on the Christian faith to include: Eternal Life, Grace, Repentance, Baptism, and more.

Discipleship Intermediate

Sixteen intermediate courses on the Christian faith to include: Prayer, God's Love, Healing, Marriage and more. 

Discipleship Advanced

Sixteen advanced courses on the Christian faith to include: Miracles, God's Law, Ministry, Grace and more.

Our Training Classes:

Personal Evangelism

You and your congregation will learn to witness to friends and loved ones using the Bill Fey "Share Jesus Without Fear" Method. 

Street Evangelism

You and your congregation will learn to do street evangelism using the Ray Comfort "The Way of the Master" Method.  

Tract Evangelism

You and your congregation will learn to do Tract Evangelism using simple and proven methods. 

Creation Evangelism - Foundation

This twelve part class will teach you and your church members the importance of using Creation Evangelism to reach an entire generation that has been taught that the Biblical creation account in Genesis is incorrect.  

Acts 17 Evangelism

You and your congregation will learn why the traditional Acts 2 methods of evangelism are not reaching those caught up in today’s humanistic, seculr culture, and how to use an Acts 17 approach instead.  

Healing Evangelism

In this four part course you and your congregation will learn how to minister healing in the power and authority of Jeusus, and how to use healing as part of an overall Evangelism program.

How to Witness to Muslims

You and your Church members will learn to witness to Muslims using the most effective method of witnessing to Muslims available today.  

How to Witness to Atheists

You and your church members will learn to witness to Atheist using a technique called Presuppositional Apologetics - the most effective methods for witnessing to Atheist that we've seen.