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How to Meditate on God’s Word

How to Meditate on God’s Word By Don Krow

The meditate means “to muse over, ponder, to plan in the mind, to purpose, word or intend.” The Greek word implies “to revolve something in the mind” and is also translated to imagine.  Two reasons for biblical mediation are “to ponder over correct knowledge, also referred to as renewing the mind and to contact God behind His Word” through prayer, praise, and mediation; i.e., musing, pondering, and thinking about Him.  

Example: baptism. Define the word from Greek, Hebrew, or a good dictionary. Find the root word from which it is derived. Consider and ponder over the context of verses that will lead you to study other related subjects, such as remission (Acts 2:38), repentance (Acts 2:38), faith (Mark 16:16), the conscience (1 Pet. 3:21), calling on the Lord (Acts 22:16), etc. To read the full lesson text click here.

To complete this course, watch the video below and then work through the question and answer section.


​1.  What does the word “meditate” mean?

2.  What are two reasons for biblical mediation?

3.  What is a topical study?

4.  What is an expositional study of the Scriptures?

5.  Read Luke 6:46. What do you think the word “Lord” means?

6.  Read Matthew 1:21. What do you think the word “Jesus” means?

7.  Read Luke 23:1-2. What do you think the word “Christ” means?

8.  What is a paragraph? 

9.  Biblical meditation is not just looking at words, but for...


​1.  To muse over, ponder over, or to revolve something in one’s mind. 

2.  To ponder over correct knowledge (to renew my mind) and to contact God behind His Word (by musing, pondering, and thinking about Him). 

3.  Choosing a topic from the Bible to study and think upon.

4.  A verse-by-verse study of a book of the Bible. 

5.  Someone we obey (like a boss). 

6.  A Savior that saves others from their sins.

7.  One anointed to be a king. 

8.  A unit of thought in writing. 

9.  ...contacting God behind His Word.

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