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The Nature of God

​​​​​​​The Nature of God ​By Andrew Wommack 

To have a positive relationship with the Lord, we must know His nature and His real character. Is He angry because of our sin, or is He a merciful God who wants to give us His life and blessing, independent of our performance? The Scriptures actually give us two different views of God, not that He has ever changed or done anything differently. There was a period of time that in the terminology used in the Bible, God “held men’s sins against them.”  

This can be compared to raising children. When they’re very young, it isn’t possible to reason with them, to tell them why they should act properly or why they shouldn’t be selfish and take toys away from their brothers or sisters. They have to be told the rules and, if they break them, be disciplined. The rules have to be enforced even though they don’t know about God and the devil, or that they’re giving place to the devil when they are selfish. They may not understand the concepts, but they can understand that if they repeat the action, they will be punished. To read the full lesson text click here.

To complete this course, watch the video below and then work through the question and answer section.


​1.  Read Romans 5:13. What does the word “impute” mean?

2.  Read Romans 7:7. What was the purpose of the Law?

3.  Read Galatians 3:24. According to this verse, what was the purpose of the Law?

4.  Read John 8:1-11. How did Jesus deal with the woman caught in adultery?

5. Did Jesus’ words and actions reflect the true nature of God? See John 3:34.

6.  Read 1 John 4:8. According to this verse, what is the true nature of God?

7.  Read Romans 5:6. God’s love was directed toward us when we were what?

8.  Read Romans 5:8. God loved us while we were what?

9.  Read Romans 5:10. God loved us while we were what?

10.  If you asked Jesus Christ to forgive you and be your Savior and Lord, trusting Jesus’ sacrifice as payment for your sin, would God show you His true nature of mercy and grace?


​1.  To charge to one’s account.

2.  To make sin known.

3.  To show mankind their need of the Savior, Jesus Christ.

4.  In mercy and grace.

5.  Yes.

6.  Love.

7.  Without strength; i.e., helpless and ungodly.

8.  Sinners.

9.  Enemies.

10.  Yes.

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